How To: Assemble a gardening tool set

Assemble a gardening tool set

Most jobs get easier when you use the right tools, including gardening. This video will show you how to assemble a gardening tool set.

You Will Need

* A 10-foot-by-12-foot garden tarp
* A Dutch fork
* A short-handled trowel
* Pruning shears
* Long-handled shears
* A garden rake
* Long-handled floral shovel
* A push broom
* A watering can

Step 1. Start with a tarp

Used for hauling leaves and other waste, the tarp is the workhorse of the garden. Look for a plastic laminated tarp with metal grommets and ropes for easy handling.

A hardware or garden-supply store will carry all of these tools.

Step 2. Add a Dutch fork and trowel

A Dutch fork and trowel help to turn soil and mulch weeds, which creates a layer of materials that protect the soil beneath. Look for tools made of forged metal and try them in your hands to make sure they're a comfortable fit.

Step 3. Add cutting tools

Pruning shears keep rosebushes looking good while long-handled shears can cut small branches.

Step 4. Include digging tools

Don't forget digging tools. Add a rake to cultivate soil and a long-handled trowel, which create holes for new plants.

Step 5. Sweeping up

For cleaning up dirt and clippings, add a push broom to your garden arsenal.

Step 6. Keeping it moist

An old-fashioned watering can is ideal for keeping flowers and small gardens moist during dry weather.

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