Shortcut: Fix a Stripped Screw with a Toothpick

Fix a Stripped Screw with a Toothpick

Don't you love those simple little tricks that just make life easier? Like quick solution for a pesky stripped screw? Apartment Therapy says,

"Taking my father's advice, I unscrewed the hinge and placed a few pieces of toothpick in the screw hole. As I reinstalled the screw, I could feel that the toothpick pieces were doing their job. Basically the screw is able to grip onto the soft wood of the toothpick pieces, which creates a tight fit that couldn't be achieved in the stretched and stripped hole."

Shortcut: Fix a Stripped Screw with a Toothpick

There you go. Remove screw. Line the hole with toothpicks. Re-insert screw. Done.

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Very cool!! Love it! I am so glad I saw this, CAN'T BELIEVE I DIDN"T THINK OF IT!!! I was trying to think of a simple solution to this the other day.
used wood putty, not as good.

I almost want to wreck a perfectly snug hole just to try this.

lol! might just do that as well Steve!! hahah!

That's not a stripped screw, it's a stripped hole. It's also common sense.

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