How To: Fix an oil leak on a KitchenAid stand mixer

Fix an oil leak on a KitchenAid stand mixer

In this DIY guide from the folks at the eReplacementParts], we learn how to repair an oil leak on a KitchenAid stand mixer. It's easy! So easy, in fact, that this clip can present a complete overview of the technique in about two minutes. For all of the details, and to learn how to repair a leaky KitchenAid mixer, take a look.

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Very well done video. I'd googled a number of DIY articles on this repair but was discouraged to point of calling KitchenAid service. This video convinced me that it can be one at home. I have to track down some grease, view it once more, and then, it's a done deal. Thanks.

Great video, I will definitely give it a go, after I find some grease. Thanks for your skills.

Excellent video. Thank you so much.

Yes, an excellent video teaching. I have one simple question regarding the beauty ring... it slips down about an 1/8", and I don't want it to fall into whatever is being mixed. How do I got about snugging it on?

Btw...the mixer now works great! Thanks for making this available!

I googled this task, completely expecting to find nothing positive. I thought for sure I was out a mixer and up a creek without a paddle. I was impressively, surprisingly,happily & humbly taken aback with the result of my search. This video was the first one I clicked on and it was exactly what I needed. In my opinion this video hit each of my key point checklist.

  1. The process of endeavor was very clearly laid out.
  2. The instructor was very well spoken.
  3. He also spoke very clearly & kept his steps simple
  4. It was the perfect amount of info. Detailed but it didn't seem to get lost in the weeds....... and finally
  5. It Is a DIY THAT can be done with very little to NO cost.

Thank you for the post & taking the time To share this info. **5Stars**

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