How To: Keep clean with a homemade drill dust collector

Keep clean with a homemade drill dust collector

Drilling is always a messy job. Some just drill and leave the dirt behind to clean up later. Some require someone to stand next to them with a vacuum cleaner, sucking up the dust as they drill. But to eradicate the extra manpower, and to clean up your mess as you drill, try something a little simpler... a mere piece of paper.

Watch this video tutorial to learn how to collect dust and stay clean when drilling. This method of drilling is also very useful when you don't feel like moving heavy furniture when using your drill.

This practically free solution requires only a piece of paper, some scotch tape, and about thirty second of your time. It's always better to clean up a mess before you even make a mess!

For more information, like on how to drill in a wall instead of a ceiling, click here.

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