How To: Make an easy drill bit depth gauge

Make an easy drill bit depth gauge

Home improvement expert Danny Lipford helps you figure out a way to get the perfect hole depth when drilling. Watch this video tutorial to see how to make an easy drill bit depth gauge.

An easy way to drill a hole to a set depth is to simply wrap a piece of making tape around the drill bit and stick the two ends together to form a "flag" on one side of the bit.

Stop drilling when the tape brushes away the shaving, indicating that the desired depth has been reached.

Since the tape will tend to wear out after a few holes, a more permanent solution is to drill a hole lengthwise through a piece of 1" x 1" stock and slide it over the drill bit to act as a stop.

Adjust the bit in the chuck so it protrudes the desired length from the end of the block, then hold the block firmly on the surface and push the drill through it into the wood until the bit bottoms out.

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