How To: Make a wet dry vacuum more mobile

Make a wet dry vacuum more mobile

Most often when cleaning, using your wet dry vacuum cleaner, you tend to pull at the hose while towing it around. This invariably leads to the hose being pulled off very often. In this video, Joe demonstrates how you can overcome this problem and thereby make your 'Wet Dry Vacuum' more mobile. Sealing the hose pipe to the cleaner with a duct tape doesn't help much, especially when you need to put the cleaner back for storage. So Joe shows an innovative and effective way out. He drills a hole on each of the wheel housings, to enable fastening snap hooks. A small string is attached to the hook on one side and passed over the hose about 2 to 3 times, at a distance of 8 to 10 inches. The other end of the string is then passed through the snap hook on the other wheel housing and knotted tightly. As the string is tied to the base, you don't tend to pull the tension at the top. This ensures that the hose is held firmly even if the vacuum cleaner is towed roughly. Follow this easy suggestion to have a hassle free clean up!

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