How To: Open a bedroom or bathroom door when you're locked out

Open a bedroom or bathroom door when you're locked out

Ahhh! You're locked out of your bedroom, or your bathroom! Well, watch this video and you won't be locked out for long. Fortunately, interior privacy locks are very simple to pick. There are essentially two kinds: one that requires a blade, or knife and the other which requires a long sharp "pin" like object to insert into the handle. Check out this video and never be locked out again! You'll need something like a flat head screw driver for locks with a "slot" in them, and something long and thin for locks with "holes" in the handle. This video will help you get your bedroom door open when you have locked yourself out!

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All these clever videos have failed to help. I have interior 'metal' doors with center locks that have proper keys; no handy slots and no handy little hole to stick a pin down. Three credit cards later and it is not surrendering. There is a hole under the the doorknob...on the shaft if you will. It does not seem to matter what I push in here there does not appear to be a release that allows either the door knob to come off or the door to unlock. There is a sleeping child on the other side....when I say sleeping I mean sleeping ...all manner of pounding knocking and even blasts from airhorns have failed to waken her. We can hear her breathing so are not too concerned but we would like to be able to get into the room before she wakes in about 8 hours..............suggestions?

Well failure. It's morning now and the child awoke and opened the door. Was completely unable to find a solution on the net after 4-5 hours of looking.

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