How To: Open a locked door with Barbara K

Open a locked door with Barbara K

Have you ever been locked out of a room in your own home? Well Barbara K is going to show us exactly how to open a locked door in this video. This will let you get your bedroom door open when you have locked yourself out!

Safety first! Problems with a locked door knob can lead to more trouble. Locked in or cannot open the lock door? So fix it.!Women - Do it yourself! Save time! Save money! Just a few simple tools. Easy to accomplish. Build confidence. Home repair without the cost. The first step in your new home improvement campaign! All you need is a Phillips head screwdriver or a Power Screwdriver for more speedy work.. Now you learned how quick and easy it is for women to open a locked door. No more worries if a child is locked in a bathroom. Being empowered in your home also means safety for your family. A woman's increased confidence is home improvement.

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This video does not help at all.

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