How To: Remove and replace a drill press chuck

Remove and replace a drill press chuck

Like any machine, a drill press chuck is prone to wear and tear and with repetitive usage some parts can become unaligned. If you are going to remove a drill press chuck, keep in mind that also with any machine you work with, you'll want to clean off any gunk that accumulates so you have a properly working machine.

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Providing the morse taper is a correct fit "dirt" and sawdust will NOT get into the taper area therefore the drill chuck will NOT fall out because of dirt/sawdust..

The common cause for a drill chuck to fall out is vibration. Such vibration is usually caused by drilling at the wrong speed or possibly caused by the use of drill press accessories.

As a method of extraction, it is best NOT to use hammer to hit a piece of wood placed against the back/top of the chuck. Such a method will potentially bend the shaft where it enters the drill chuck. In most cases this method will require several blows with the hammer to "break" the taper's grip. Stick to using the chuck removal tool on the tang of the morse taper.

Acetone will leave the metal surfaces too clean and prone to rust. A thin film of oil on the taper, inside and out, that is a wipe with an oily rag, will help prevent the taper rusting inside the drill press spindle. If rust does occur it makes the taper removal extremely difficult.

A wipe of oil will not prevent the taper from gripping and providing its correct operation.

Kerosene is a suitable cleaning fluid for the tapered shaft as it not only cleans the shaft, it also leaves a thin oily film on the surface of the taper.

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