How To: Sharpen an axe

Sharpen an axe

In this video, Becky teaches you how to sharpen an axe.

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i cant stand listening to this lady. very irritating. waste of time

This video disgusts me of how wrong it is.

First things first wear some PPE, gloves and a file guard.

Next she is filing from the wrong side, you should be filing into the cutting part. Also, your going to need to switch sides because if you sharpen from one side, it will create a burr. The way she is sharpening is not doing a thing.

She commented on sticking to the factory edge. If you were smart you would file down the factory edge, most factory edges are too thick and it is basically like swinging a blunt object.

Lastly finish off with an ax stone or whet stone with some honing oil or water depending on the stone you have. This will finish off your sharpening with a nice sharp ax.

The sharper the ax the safer, less glancing blows.

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