How To: Use an adjustable hip square to frame a residential hip roof

Use an adjustable hip square to frame a residential hip roof

If you're not a carpenter, you may be completely overwhelmed by the information in this video. They have a tough job. Just like electricians, there's a lot of math involved in carpentry, and one of the calculations laborers struggle with is constructing a hip roof. If you're not sure what a hip roof is, you should just stop right here… don't go any further…

"For decades now, construction manuals and online sites have told people to layout a hip roof starting with the common rafters and the level ridge members first. Then fill in the hip and valley rafters by measuring from the wall plates to the ridge. THIS IS WRONG! "

Well, this video will show you how you can properly measure and calculate everything involved with hip roofs, and it all uses a handy dandy new tool called an adjustable hip square. Learn about it, how to use it, and how to get that hip roof finished!

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