How To: Use a copper wire stripper

Use a copper wire stripper

This how-to video demonstrates how to use a copper wire stripper.

To do this, all we need is copper wire and a stripper. The stripper helps to remove the insulation without cutting the copper wire beneath it. Normally, insulation is used to protect the copper wire from exposure and prevent electrical leakage. To remove the insulation from the wire, first we need to cut the damaged portion of wire by keeping the wire at the bottom portion of the stripper. If we apply pressure, the stripper will cut that off. The copper wire used in this video is a fourteen-gauge wire, and we need to look for the fourteen-gauge mark on the stripper. The stripper is marked as "18", "16", "14", "12" and "10" gauge from the top. To Remove the insulation from the fourteen-gauge wire place the wire in hole marked "14" of the stripper. All we need to do now is twist the stripper with the wire by applying a little pressure. This cuts the insulation, and now we can easily remove the insulation from the copper wire. This video is very informative on how to remove the insulation from the copper wire. We can easily follow this video to save some money by not unnecessarily paying others.

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