How To: Use an engraving tool

Use an engraving tool

In this tutorial, we learn how to use an engraving tool. It doesn't matter how old your engraving tool is, just make sure it has different speeds on it to help control it while in use. Now, place a piece of aluminum down and adjust your power level to the lowest level. Push down on the aluminum and write the word you want to so you can see how the pressure effects the aluminum. Now, set the tool at the highest setting and push down on a sledge hammer to see the pressure you need to push to get this to engrave. Once you do this for the first time, it will get a little easier and you can follow the groove you first make throughout the metal. Once you learn how to use the engraver you will better understand the pressure you need to push on different things.

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Thank you for your video demo. Very useful. Big thumb up.

This is informative, perfect for those who wants to do some engraving works. Thanks for taking the time to post these How To's. Keep it coming! High five!

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