How To: Use a hole saw

Use a hole saw

Tim Carter demonstrates how to use hole saws. These tools drill perfectly round holes from one-half-inch diameter up to 2 and 1/4-inch diameter using your standard drill.

There will be times when your project will require a hole larger than a standard drill bit can do, but too small to use a jig saw. What do you do? Use a hole saw! These special saws will allow you to make those holes in wood, metal or plastic.

The newer hole saws come with an interchangeable drill chuck. You just put the proper size hole saw on the hole saw chuck, with its pilot drill, and you are ready to drill. This quick change chuck allows you to change hole saw sizes quick and easy. Hole saws make those immediate sized holes easy to make.

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Great tips thanks. I've always found using a hole saw quite tricky, This hole saw video wil help loads cheers.

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