How To: Use a torque wrench

Use a torque wrench

With a torque wrench, you can set a bolt to the proper tightness and cut down on wear and tear.
You Will Need
* 1 A torque wrench
* A loose bolt
* A ratchet head

Step 1
Identify the type of torque wrench you have. Each type has a different means of displaying torque, or twisting force. Beam, dial, and digital wrenches have a scale or indicator. A clicker torque wrench clicks when the desired torque is reached.

Step 2
Check the manufacturer specifications and determine the correct torque settings for the bolt you are tightening.

Step 3
Fit the ratchet head to the bolt.

Step 4
Apply pressure to the handle of the wrench. Your arm should form a 90 degree angle to the wrench.

Most torque wrenches are held in the center of the handle, but some wrenches have a line indicating where the hand should be placed.

Step 5
Tighten the bolt until the torque wrench indicates that the desired torque has been reached.

Don't jerk the wrench – apply force in a smooth motion.

Step 6
Have your torque wrench properly calibrated after frequent use as it is a sensitive tool.

Fact: Archimedes discovered the concept of torque.

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