News: Magnetize a screwdriver - instantly

Magnetize a screwdriver - instantly

Got a screw loose?

Don't worry. We all do. This handy tutorial will keep any screw secured to any screwdriver.

This method of magnetization uses a copper wire and a car battery. This is much more effective than simply rubbing a screwdriver with a magnet. It also holds the magnetic charge for a longer time.

Careful. Car batteries are pretty fierce. Fool around with the arc, and you might find yourself grounding the 12 volts of electric current. And there is a risk of frying your battery cells if you go too far.

Photo by Flickr user, Mostafakawtharani.
Magnetize a screwdriver


This is very true ,Ilearned this procedure about 45 years ago And forgot it.Thanks for bringing it back to my memory bank.I worked in upholstery and use to use a tack hammer and used to magnetize it this way.Thank you,Herman

Pretty cool. I knew how to magnitize it by rubbing it with a magnet, but creating an electro-magnet this way is a pretty useful substitue when you don't have a spare magnet around...

how long does it last for?

long enough to get the job done i suppose.i mean really,in 5 minutes you could magnetize every screwdriver,drill bit,allen wrench and so forth that you own.

as long as you don't tap or drop the skruedriver it will hold a long time, and longer then using a non electricmagnet :-)


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