Make an arc welder with a car battery & pocket change

Make an arc welder with a car battery & pocket change Stuck behind bars? Held hostage by a guy with a flamethrower? Thanks to the wise and resourceful 80s secret agent MacGyver, these problems can be resolved by a car battery, two coins and some jumper cable.

Sound absurd? Did you see this year's Superbowl MacGruber Pepsi ad? MacGyver supposedly built a plane with garbage bags and duct tape. MacGyver's writers took creative liberties (who has a car battery in jail!?!), but this arc welder was not one of them. The 12V current surges between the coins exactly like a welder you can buy at Home Depot.

Mastrik, the masterminds behind this video, are no one-hit wonders. Check out their Dry Ice Car Dent Fix and their Potato Gun for more clever projects.

Hungry for more MacGyver action? You're in luck. CBS has archived episodes to stream for free here. Enjoy.

Make an arc welder with a car battery & pocket change


so simple yet exactly what you need.
wish tv was still this clever.... well at least we have Burn Notice.

great video


this was actually featured in one of the MacGyver season 1 episodes as well as the season 1 opening



if your not careful though the battery can blow up

Hi cat, I will be grateful to you to know how can we carefully work with it ?

That was beyond common sense to think. Thanx
How strong will that welding hold? will it hold like its been welded by proper welding equipments? can we weld small iron plates say about 4 to 5 mm thick?
it may help me to build my project, will be very thankful to know more..

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