How To: Iron a blazer on a PRIMULA Flex 1242 ironing table

Iron a blazer on a PRIMULA Flex 1242 ironing table

In this video tutorial, you'll find a video demonstration of ironing a suit jacket with the PRIMULA Flex 1242 table and a Vapormat steam generator.The PRIMULA Flex 1242 ironing table has a working surface 120x42cm with a sleeve ironing buck. The board also features suction and blowing with stepless adjustment of air flowing, automatic interchange suction or blowing from the working surface to the buck in addition to heating of the working surface and buck. The technical parameters are as follows: Power supply 400V/50Hz, suction power 590W, heating power of working surface 1.000W, heating power of buck 100W. To learn more about using the PRIMULA Flex 1242 ironing table, watch this video demonstration.

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