How To: Iron a jacket with the Battistella ironing table

Iron a jacket with the Battistella ironing table

With this video demonstration, you'll learn how to iron a jacket using the Batisella universal ironing board, the technical specifications of which are as follows: board type 50x130cm with automatic steam generator [6,6kW power and 8lt boiler capacity] for 1 iron, board suction and blowing unit 0,37kW, board steaming, board heating power 0,8kW, ironing board height 92cm, heated 0,15kW and vacuum sleeve ironing buck. Equipped with turning iron support, double pedals [enabling work on both sides of the table], trolley cable support, stainless steel arm for spotting operation and air/steam pistol kit. For more information on using the Battisella ironing table, watch this video lesson.

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