How To: Use a jig saw

Use a jig saw

In this video presenter Dominic shows you how to use a Jig Saw correctly. Dominic suggests that if you are going to make a tight turn then you should use a skinnier blade in order to avoid banging up the wood or breaking the jig saw blade. He adds that you should be patient and try not to go too fast. With the jig saw you first have to drill a hole in the wood and then put the jig saw through as the blade is flexible and cannot be pushed through by itself. He suggests trimming off the first piece in order to make cutting the rest of your pattern easier, as the wood is more accessible to the saw. He suggests repeating this process (removing the scrap and continuing to cut the pattern through). His final tip is that you should always use the saw slowly, and ensure you are using the right jig saw and the right jig saw blade. According to Dominic you should practice the tips on pine as it is much easier than harder kinds of wood like oak.

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